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Editor: Redaksi ACI


ACI WITH ACCENT (Opinion column) – The only media column in Indonesia covering all things intercultural. In ACI WITH ACCENT Marten as the initiator of ART CALLS INDONESIA reflects in personal opinions on topics related to interculturalism and feelings of belonging. Through ACI WITH ACCENT he accentuates with his very own accent and oscillates between perspectives from varying sides. He speaks and writes in Indonesian as his third language, after German and English. ACI WITH ACCENT is the only rubric on ACI not proofread by any ‘native’ editorial colleague. If there happen to be any grammatical typos or syntactical mistakes it’s part of the raw accent and the linguistic logics of a foreign speaker. 

‘Non-natives’ usually take up other roles in the Indonesian media industry (influencers, models, actors, etc). The only media platform we know of hosting journalists with autodidactically acquired Indonesian language skills is the Germany-funded Indonesian version of the 'Deutsche Welle'. ACI WITH ACCENT is one of the most read and most controversial rubrics on ACI, holding up a mirror to readers and questioning what contemporary Indonesianness could be. 



ACI AMATIR (Opinion column) – In our rubric 'ACI AMATIR' we reflect on all things media-related from the unfortunate perspective of a grassroots media platform in Indonesia.


ACI GLOW DOWN – Through ACI GLOW DOWN we 'roast' current issues fueled by nothing else than acumen and a witty sense of seeing things out of a variety of perspectives. 


OK ACI – Kata OK punya banyak makna, dari pengucapan euforia hingga kesedihan. Lewat rubrik OK ACI kami menyuguhkan 'the flavors of the week', berita-berita seputar seni dari seantero Indonesia, dan kadangkala juga gogon-gogon dari skena manusia kreatif dan inspiratif. Tidak hanya itu, kami juga mencari jawaban pada hal-hal paling sensasional yang hadir di dunia seni!



SANGKIL & MANGKUS – ACI mengupas tuntas dialektika Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Inggris, strata sastra, dan bahasa sehari-hari. Ikuti siasat dialektis kami dalam ketidakajekan dan ketakteraturan Bahasa Indonesia di SANGKIL & MANGKUS!