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Editor: Marten S.

ART CALLS INDONESIA is a media project focused on seeing all things culturally and socially relevant through an artistic, philosophical and critical lens. Although our project exists to support art practitioners in Indonesia, it is NOT made by ‘art practitioners’ in a literal sense, but journalists and people from other backgrounds. And that is exactly why it is running well.

What we aim for at ART CALLS INDONESIA is discourse. On eye level. To us, a valid method to brush up Indonesian art scenes. But also a method that demands a lot of acumen and excitement. We prove it daily on our media distribution channels. 

If you are in college and politically interested, you might have heard of WHAT IS UP INDONESIA, a grassroots-platform similar to ACI. With the only difference, our colleagues from WIUI only disseminate content in English and to an audience of academics, diaspora Indonesians and socially engaged youths. As a result, many young readers and fans of WIUI align their academic thesis and presentations to any topic related to WIUI. – From how to design a grassroots-movement, to how memes can serve as a tool to communicate. 

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ACI has a very similar base of appreciators: Mostly young, interested in alternative approaches to life and socially aware. However, here’s where we come full circle. The lack of discourse-culture in the art scenes and the lack of ability to express oneself through words, make the art world stuck where it is. Even though projects such as ACI (and other initiatives, from NGOs to grassroots) carry the potential to improve the art ecosystem, it will never really work if things don’t become reciprocal. 

Let’s put it a bit more drastically: The most ‘holistic’ extrospection or echo ART CALLS INDONESIA received so far are memes from anonymous social media accounts. The art world deserves more discourse, and ACI is your vehicle and platform for it. 

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For any academic papers or presentations of yours, ACI is at your service to support you or give you insight on any topic we have expertise on. First, let’s have a look at the range of topics the ART CALLS INDONESIA team can share more about with you. 

Journalism, Start-Up Journalism, Grassroots-Journalism, Journalism and Arts, Art Critics, Art Interaction, Interculturalism, Connecting Internationally, Inclusivity made practical, ASEAN-region, Critical Thinking, Polyglotism, Democracy and Youths.

(a more detailed list with explanations is available on request) 

Aspects you could integrate in your academic papers and presentations: 

Example 1: ‘No guts to speak up, but memes’: Which purpose meme-accounts serve among fine arts practitioners in Indonesia

Example 2: Indonesia’s soft power viewed through its potentials in arts and culture

Example 3: Theater pedagogy and art education in XY country 

Example 4: Grassroots Journalism and Indonesia's modern-day media landscape 

Example 5: Interculturalism: Discrepancies in Balinese culture and tourism industry



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